How to Make Round Canopies

A canopy bed can truly change the look of your bedroom.

Make your own round canopy to enjoy every night.Make your own round canopy to enjoy every night.
Whether you're looking for a romantic setting for your own bedroom, would like to create a girly, princess feel in your daughter's room, or would like to add fun and a fort-like feel to your son's bedroom, canopies add a little something to anyone's bedroom, young or old. With a few items and some fabric, you can make your own canopy bed, even if you don't have a traditional four-poster bed.

Measure the height of your bedroom. For your tulle fabric, you will need twice the height of your room, plus two additional feet.

Keep in mind that you will need to purchase your fabric in yards, as well. For example: Most rooms are seven feet in height; therefore, you'll need 14 feet plus two feet for your room. You'll need a total of 16 feet of tulle. If you convert feet into yards, you'll need a total of 5.3 yards of tulle fabric for this project.

Lay your tulle fabric onto the ground. Pull the ends of the fabric taut so the fabric lays perfectly flat.

Remove the inner circle from the outer circle of the embroidery hoop. Slide the inner (smaller) circle underneath the tulle, centering it in the middle of the fabric. Place the outer (larger) circle down on top of the inner circle, but do not press the two circles together.

Pull the fabric in the middle of the circles up until two feet of fabric is pulled through the outer circle. Press down on the outer circle over the inner circle. The tulle is now secure in between the embroidery hoop. The two extra feet pulled from the circle will help hang the canopy.

Thread the fishing line through the very top of the two extra feet of tulle pulled through the embroidery hoop. Tie the line into a double knot to secure it on the canopy.

Mark the ceiling with a pencil where you'd like the canopy to be hung. Keep in mind that if the canopy is too close to the wall it will tilt. Typically, the center of the canopy should be about 12 inches from the wall and centered over the head of the bed.

Screw the screw-in hook to the mark made on the ceiling. Pull the canopy up to the ceiling and tie the ends of the fishing line around the hook. Tie a double knot to ensure the canopy is secure. If you'd like to dress the canopy up a bit, you can use decorative ribbon for the canopy instead of using fishing line.

Adjust the canopy so that the opening is facing the foot of the bed. Separate the two sides of the opening so they sweep over each side of the bed.

Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Tulle fabric
  • Large embroidery hoop
  • Fishing line, 12 inches
  • Screw-in hook

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