How to Load a Stanley Tape Measure

Stanley tape measures are a staple tool for construction professionals and homeowners.

Care needs to be taken when loading a new blade in a Stanley tape measure.
In time, the tape measure blade can corrode or wear out, making the numbers and markings on the blade difficult if not impossible to read. To restore the tape measure to like-new condition, you need to remove the old blade and load a new blade into the tape measure. Although the process of loading a new blade into a Stanley tape measure is straightforward, you need to ensure that you do not over-extend the tape's winding spring, as this will render the tape measure unusable. .

Pull the old blade from the body of the Stanley tape measure until you see the small circular hole located on the black winding spring.

Slide the nail into the circular opening on the winding spring to hold the spring in place.

Squeeze and twist the connection between the old blade and the winding spring to remove the old blade from the body of the Stanley tape measure.

Cut along the dotted line of the replacement blade packaging with the utility knife. Do not cut through both sides of the packaging, as this will make the replacement blade installation difficult.

Bend the packaging along the dotted line you scored with the utility knife in Step 4.

Pull the end of the replacement blade from the packaging.

Push the end of the winding spring into the slot located on the end of the replacement blade.

Hold the end of the replacement blade with one hand and pull the nail from the winding spring with your other hand.

Release your hand from the replacement blade to allow the blade to load into the body of your Stanley tape measure.

Things You Will Need

  • Nail
  • Utility knife