How to Dry Couch Cushions

Stained couch cushions need cleaning--a chore most couch owners would rather avoid. Whether you are just washing the outer covers or the inner foam needs washing also, the task can be onerous. After you perform the washing tasks, the next step is to dry the cushions. Dry them thoroughly and the finished result should be a fresh and clean couch, restored to its former condition.

Dry couch cushions thoroughly after washing them.

Step 1

Squeeze out as much water from the couch cushion as possible manually. Take care not to tear the foam as you wring. Press towels against the cushion to absorb excess moisture.

Step 2

Pinch two corners with the clothes pins and hang the couch cushion from a clothes line to dry. If hanging the cushion from a clothes line is not an option, set the cushion horizontally onto a drying rack and allow it to dry. Use the sun to help the drying process along, if possible.

Step 3

Set the cushion on one end and direct an electric fan onto the front or back of the cushion. Rotate the cushion around to the other side every hour to hasten the drying time.