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How to Make a Rim Seat

Rim seats are stylish seats that any automotive mechanic or car enthusiast would appreciate. Rim seats are made using the actual tire rims from various vehicles. The rims that are chosen for these seats are usually wider than most tires and not as tall. This way they can sit tall and still be a comfortable size for one seat. Build a simple rim seat quickly using a polished chrome rim that is from a hot rod. Cut out framing and foam for the padding and cover it using your choice of upholstery.

New tired rims work the best for rim seats.
  1. Measure the diameter of the inside of your rim. Draw a circle on your plywood using your compass so it equals the measurement of the rims inside. Cut along the line using your jigsaw.

  2. Set your circular piece of plywood on the foam and use it as a stencil to cut out a circular piece of foam that has the same diameter. Use your foam cutter.

  3. Lay your upholstery fabric flat. It must measure equal the diameter plus 13 inches in area. Set the foam on the upholstery so it is centered and set the plywood on top of the foam. Fold the fabric over the plywood and staple it down using a staple for every inch. This is your rim seat pad.

  4. Set your rim seat pad into the rim. This is seat is now ready for use.