How to Kill House Flies

House flies are annoying, unsanitary and ubiquitous during warm weather. Even if you keep your home clean and your household garbage tightly lidded (flies love to feast on garbage), once warm weather hits each year you will probably get at least a few house flies. The common fly swatter is a cheap way to kill them, but there are easier ways to keep a fly population under control in your home.

Most households experience flies at some time.
  1. Hang fly paper in areas where you've noticed the most flies. This is very sticky paper; the fly lands on it and cannot leave. Place fly paper strips six feet up from the floor to catch the most flies, according to Texashelp.tamu.edu.

  2. Use insect light traps in dark basements, closets and other areas away from external windows. (You don't want to attract more bugs from outside.) Don't place these traps anywhere near food, however, to avoid having fly remains fall into food containers or dishes.

  3. Place fly bait around the home in cases of extreme infestation. Place the bait on shelves and other areas out of the reach of children or pets. You can also use insect sprays to kill flies, but avoid food areas such as the kitchen.


  • Colorado State University Extension advises that many flies are becoming insecticide-resistant. For this reason--and for the simple reason that pesticides are toxins--use pesticides only in conjunction with the other measures or when other measures are not working.