How to Design a Laundry Room Online

You can design a room laundry room online using downloadable room planning software. Simple room planning software is available for free; however, software with enhanced tools may be purchased for $40, for interior design functions only, to $100 for architectural and design programs. These software programs offer flat, 2- and 3-D views of the laundry room for easy visualization.

With room measurements and basic ideas for item placement you can design the entire laundry room online in a few steps.

Laundry rooms can be designed online using room planning software.

Step 1

Research laundry room design ideas online to determine how you want you room to look. Visit sites such as “This Old House” and “HGTV” (see links in the Reference section below) and peruse photos of laundry rooms to decide on your laundry room design. Consider where the room’s electricity and gas lines are located to determine appliance placement.

Step 2

Download room planning software such as “IKEA Home Planner” or “Google Sketch Up” (see the links in the Resource section below) which allow you to select the room layout by type of room and dimensions. If you've purchased software on a disc, load the disc and follow the installation directions. Select the appropriate shape and measurements for your laundry room to begin.

Step 3

Add laundry room elements such as electricity, water and gas lines, appliances, shelving and storage, by selecting icons for each and dragging them to the desired area in the laundry room. You can rearrange the elements to produce several different ideas. You can save each view and print them to compare the options before selecting your preference.

Step 4

Determine your budget and research the costs of items you’ll need for your laundry room. The “IKEA Home Planner” will keep a list of the furnishings and costs of each IKEA item you select.

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