How to Clean Tinted Windows

Window tint is made from thin Mylar plastic that is easily scratched by abrasive cleaners and cloths.

Window tint reduces interior sun damage in cars and buildings.Window tint reduces interior sun damage in cars and buildings.
Regular cleanings of auto and home windows improve the look and value of your investment, but swirls and scratches left behind from improper cleaning will obstruct your view. However, you can gently clean dust and oil buildup from tinted windows without damaging the plastic film in the process.

Fill the spray bottle three quarters full with distilled water. Add isopropyl alcohol to the fill line or just below the rim.

Seal the bottle and adjust the spray nozzle until the output is a fine mist. The adjustment sprays also mix the mild cleaning solution.

Fold a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth in half twice.

Spray the cleaning solution in a light mist to cover a 12-inch-square area of the tinted window.

Wipe the damp area with the cloth in a large, circular motion until it appears clean and dry.

Flip or unfold the cloth to a new, dry surface as you move on to clean the next section. Repeat the process until the entire tinted window is clean.

Things You Will Need

  • Adjustable-flow spray bottle
  • Distilled water
  • Isopropyl alcohol, 91 percent
  • Microfiber or soft cloth


  • You can buy mild commercial plastic cleaners that are specifically designed to clean plastic surfaces without scratching them. These cleaners are effective but can be expensive.


  • Avoid using ammonia on tinted windows, as it may melt the plastic and give the windows a smeared look.

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