My GE Front Load Washer Won't Drain All of the Water

If your GE front-loading washing machine is not draining, foreign objects may be lodged in the drain pump assembly. GE recommends that customers arrange for a service call to fix a clogged drain, but if your washer is no longer under warranty you may want to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Prepare to be reunited with some long-lost items and loose change.

A clogged drain can cause a GE front loader to stop draining

Wait to see if the water will drain on its own since there may be delays of up to three minutes between cycles.

Unplug the washing machine to avoid risk of electric shock.

Confirm that the drain hose is not "kinked," or trying to drain from a height of more than 8 feet from the floor.

Remove the front service panel at the bottom of the washing machine by unscrewing the three small screws using a screwdriver.

Drain the tub by opening the drain plug, which is located under the washer door adjacent to the pump. Use a bucket or large plastic bag to contain the water.

Clean any lint, coins, pens, screws, clothing or other items out of the drain.

Blow into the drain hose to determine if there is anything clogging it.

Feel the pump. If it is hot, it may also be clogged. Remove the pump, open the tension clips and remove any debris from inside the pump.

Reassemble the pump. You may need to replace the factory-supplied tension clips with metal screw clamps.

Things You Will Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Needle-nose vice grips
  • Large plastic bag or bucket
  • 3 screw clamps


  • Servicing your own washing machine may void any warranty you have with GE. If your machine is still under warranty, contact GE to arrange for a service call.

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