How to Clean Stuffed Toys

Stuffed animals are a part of nearly every child's toy collection at some point. Unlike plastic and other hard toys, these stuffed toys absorb stains, buildup and bacteria through regular use. Since your child plays with the toys regularly, it is crucial to properly clean and disinfect the toys. Not only will this keep the toys clean, but it will also keep the toys safe for use.

Machine-Washable Stuffed Toys

Clean stuffed toys with ease.
  1. Place your stuffed toys in the washing machine. Turn on the machine with a warm water temperature and large load size so the animals can move freely.

  2. Pour a capful of laundry detergent along with 1 cup of white vinegar into the washer. The vinegar will safely deodorize and kill bacteria.

  3. Place the items in the dryer after the wash cycle completes, or allow to air dry. Follow the drying instructions on the care label tag.

Hand-Cleaning Stuffed Toys

  1. Sprinkle a heavy coating of baking soda or cornstarch over the entire stuffed toy.

  2. Rub the powder into the fabric of the toy with your fingertips.

  3. Place the stuffed animals in a grocery bag or trash bag, and tie closed so the bag is air-tight. Let sit for 24 hours, as this will kill any dust mites.

  4. Shake the stuffed toys off outdoors. Brush excess powder off of the toys with a cleaning brush.