How to Install V-Cap Tile

Sarabeth Asaff

V-cap tiles, or V tiles, finish the front edge of tile countertops and vanity tops. The ceramic tile forms the shape of a V that fits both the front face and top edge of the tile counter. This creates a finished look, with a soft, rounded edge on top. V-cap should be installed after the other tile counters have been placed. This will ensure a balanced layout with properly lined grout joints.

Step 1

Hold a V-cap tile up to the edge of the countertop firmly. Trace a light line on the counter with a pencil, at the edge of the V-cap, where it rests on top of the counter.

Step 2

Nail a narrow strip of wood onto the counter, so the line traced from the V-cap is equal to the back edge of the wooden strip. Install the countertop tiles from the edge of the strip back to the wall, leaving the front space open for the V-cap.

Step 3

Remove the wooden strip from the countertop. Spread a small amount of thinset onto the backs of each V-cap. Cover both angles of the tile with thinset mortar, spreading it on with a trowel so no parts of the tile are left uncovered.

Step 4

Press each V-cap onto the front edge of the countertop, so that the grout joints of the V-cap line up with the grout joints of the tiles installed on the top of the counter. Allow the mortar to set up overnight.

Step 5

Grout the counter tiles, including the V-cap tiles. Grout the counter from back to front, and the V-cap tiles from the top, over the edge and down the front. Use a grout float to push the grout evenly, ensuring no gaps between tiles. Wipe up the excess grout with a sponge and allow the grout to dry overnight.