How to Draw House Floor Plans

Drawing floor plans for your new house starts with lots of dreams and fun ideas. Brain storming is the best part, but sooner or later a little reality sets in and the plan has to safe and doable. At this point the plans are set to paper. A professional engineer or architect can tell you if your dreams will hold up in a tornado or a hurricane, so get your ideas on a written floor plan first.

Draw your own floor plan with graph paper and pencils.
  1. Scratch all your ideas onto the back of an envelope or a paper napkin just as soon as you get the idea. Keep a notebook by your bed in case you think of something in the night and forget it in the morning.

  2. Take all your ideas and sketch them onto graph paper. One square will equal one foot. Measure the room you have available, say a 24-foot by 40-foot house, and pencil off 40 squares long and 24 squares wide.

  3. Divide the large rectangle you now have on the graph paper into all the rooms you have plan to have. Each line will represent a wall. A 10-foot by 12-foot bedroom is sectioned off with 10 squares and 12 squares.

  4. Sketch in the doors. A 36-inch door will erase three squares from the room lines already drawn. Sketch a little diagonal line hinged to the door opening to represent the door swinging out or into the room. This is a standard door icon.

  5. Measure the space for a window and darken the pencil line the number of squares where the window will be placed. Three feet will equal three squares; four feet will equal four squares.

  6. Measure and sketch the closets in the places you want. By drawing them on paper you will see if the door will have room to open.

  7. Sketch a second floor on a second sheet of graph paper.

  8. Draw in the measured space for a stairway. Remember to allow room for banisters and railings.

  9. Draw the bathroom or laundry rooms with the toilet, sink, tub or shower, washer and dryer all measured and penciled into the space allowed. If it doesn't fit on the paper, it won't fit in the room.

  10. Go online to one of the many floor plan sites and draw your plans there. Click and drag where you think you might place your furniture. You can see a visual picture of a couch against a wall and know if it is what you are imagining and if it will fit.

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