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How to Build a Wood Canopy

Nat Fondell

A wooden canopy is an excellent addition to any backyard and a great way to expand your living space at minimal cost and effort. With shade and protection from the rain, a wooden canopy provides a lounge area for cooking and dining. It can also be used to grow vine plants such as grapes or tomatoes and will provide a focal point for an otherwise empty backyard. A good wood canopy can be made with few materials and the basic tools of any homeowner.

The basic canopy design can be adjusted for any project.

Step 1

Design your own wood canopy in order to purchase the appropriate number and type of materials. The basic canopy design is four long posts 10 feet high and four cross beams 10 feet long. These beams can be any size, but a good standard size is a 4-by-4. These measurements can be adjusted to fit any space, but additional support posts will be needed if the width extends beyond 10 feet.

Step 2

Drill holes all the way through the four support posts, in the center of each beam about 4 inches from the top. This hole will be used to attach the side beams of the roof using bolts.

Step 3

Dig a hole for each post about 3 feet deep. The holes should be in a square about 9 feet apart, in order to allow a little stylish overlap of the 10-foot beams. Center a support post in each hole, and fill the hole in with tightly packed dirt.

Step 4

Drill a hole through one of the 10-foot side beams, in the center of the beam about 6 inches from the end. Line this beam up with the vertical support post, and secure it with a bolt, making sure to put a washer on each end to prevent wear on the posts. Tighten the bolt loosely.

Step 5

Hold the other end of the beam up to the corresponding support post, and mark where the beam lines up with the pre-drilled hole. Drill a hole in this place, and pass a bolt through, placing washers on both sides of the bolt. Continue to add all cross beams in this manner. Once all four beams have been installed, tighten them all completely.

Step 6

Attach the canopy material by stretching it tightly across the top of the canopy. Staple one side down securely on the top of one of the beams, then staple the opposite side down while stretching it out completely. Staple the other sides in this manner, being sure to keep the canopy material tight the entire time.