How to Repair a Plastic Bathtub With a Hole in it

Sometimes a plastic bathtub can develop a crack, which can turn into a hole. This can not only be unsightly but can allow water to get underneath the tub and cause water damage. In order to avoid the cost of a tub replacement, some steps can be taken to repair the hole. With the right materials and a little patience, the tub can look as though it never had a hole.

Modern day plastic bathtubs can develop holes, but they can be fixed.
  1. Clean the area around the hole with mineral spirits and a rag. Making sure the area is free of debris, mineral deposits and residue of cleaning products is a must.

  2. Mix the epoxy and the hardening agent from the fiberglass repair kit according to the instructions.

  3. Cut the fabric that came with the fiberglass repair kit into three or four sections big enough to cover the hole and overlap it by 1/2 inch on each side.

  4. Place the first section of fabric over the hole and brush on the epoxy. Make sure to cover the entire area of the fabric.

  5. Place the second piece of fabric over the first with the grain of the fabric running in a different direction from the first piece. Brush the epoxy completely over the second piece of fabric. Repeat this process one or two more times to make sure the hole is well covered and water tight.

  6. Let the epoxy dry at least 24 hours. Sand the area smooth with a fine-grit sandpaper and paint.


  • Use epoxy in a well-ventilated area.

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