How to Install a Mansfield Toilet

Kelly Schuler

Shopping for an EPA Water Sense Certified toilet that qualifies for government rebate programs may lead you to the one-piece pressure-assisted Mansfield toilet. Learning how to install a new Mansfield toilet on your own will only take a few minutes. After the old toilet is removed, the installation of your new Mansfield should take around an hour to complete.

Mansfield toilets easily installed by just about anyone.
  1. Insert a closet bolt on each side of the closet flange. Slide on the plastic holding ring provided with bolts to hold them up straight during the toilet installation. Line up the bolts evenly from the wall with a tape measure as close to the center of flange as possible.

  2. Center the wax ring over the closet flange. Push it down firmly into place by hand.

  3. Set the toilet down over the flange, wax ring and bolts by lining up the boltholes on the bottom of the toilet with the closet bolts.

  4. Slide a bolt cap lock ring on each closet bolt with the "this side up" written on top. Slide the metal closet bolt washers on top of the lock rings and center them. Screw a closet bolt nut on each bolt by hand and tighten them evenly with an adjustable wrench. Cut off any excess bolt with a small hacksaw. Snap on each bolt cap cover on its base by hand.

  5. Connect the toilet's water supply with a new flexible toilet supply line. Screw on the large end of the supply line to the toilet's fill valve inlet firmly by hand. Connect the small end of the line to the water supply valve by hand, and then tighten with an adjustable wrench according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  6. Turn on the water supply and set the water level on the pressure assist tank if necessary. Flush the toilet and check for leaks. Install the toilet's seat according to its manufacturer's specifications.