DIY: Inexpensive Kitchen Makeovers

Let's face it; remodeling can be expensive, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Even the simple ideas, like replacing hardware, can add up if you have a lot of cabinets. With a little planning, creativity and elbow grease, you can make over your kitchen and still stay within your budget. Do all the work yourself, if you have the required skills and tools. Labor costs for home improvement projects can be expensive.

A few inexpensive ideas like adding bright vases and other décor can give your kitchen a new look.
  1. Remove all clutter and things that don't belong on the counters and floor of your kitchen. Give the entire room a thorough scrubbing, including appliances. Accomplishing these tasks will bring a dramatic improvement to your kitchen's appearance.

  2. Paint cabinets if you don't like the color or they have seen better days but you can't afford to replace them. Paint the walls or add wallpaper to change the atmosphere and tone of the room.

  3. Add a strip of crown molding along the top of the room to give more of an elegant look.

  4. Create your own shelving, cabinetry, trim or island from plywood, old table legs, wooden spindles, old dressers and cabinets or other recycled materials.

  5. Shop thrift stores or local salvage shops for old display countertops or slabs of granite or other material to adapt to your kitchen. If it is not the right dimensions or has sink holes in the wrong place, cover the holes with a built-in cutting board.

  6. Use expensive countertops like granite or solid surface only on an island instead of the entire kitchen. Vinyl floor tiles can be used on countertops for an inexpensive way to cover damaged laminate; however, food may seep in between seams. Cover with clear cutting boards in highly used areas.

  7. Create a unique backsplash made from beadboard or other inexpensive material instead of using tile that will cost more.

  8. Add fancy chandeliers with bold colors or other unique light fixtures to draw attention to those as a conversation piece. Install under-cabinet lights to brighten up the entire kitchen.

  9. Add a decorative oven hood or tile mosaic to otherwise plain walls.

  10. Replace handles and knobs with new upgraded ones. Buy them in bulk to save money or shop thrift stores for used ones on old dressers or sold separately. Add stylish accessories such as bright vases and artwork on counters and walls.

  11. Cover marred floors with throw rugs or a large colorful area rug. Install faux tile peel-and-stick squares for an inexpensive and easy floor replacement.

About the Author

John Fechik has been writing since 2009. He owns a business in Michigan and is a licensed builder with over 35 years of experience in kitchen/bath design and cabinet making. He also has over 40 years of experience in the music and recording industry and buys and sells items on eBay. He has an Associate of Applied Science degree in orthotic/prosthetic technology from Baker College.