Instructions for Making a Canopy for a Swing Set

Spring and summer months are prime time for outdoor play. With the warmer weather comes the risk of over exposure to the sun's bright rays. Protect your children as they romp on their swing set by constructing a canopy that will provide cool shade for summer play.

Use a swing set canopy to protect your children from the sun as they have summer fun.
  1. Measure the area and parameter of the play area to be covered by the canopy. Mark four corners with place markers like a large rock, tent stake or other visible item.

  2. Buy awning canvas at a home-improvement store. Have it cut and hemmed to your play area's measurements.

  3. Dig four holes that are two feet deep with the fence post hole digger. You may remove the markers after you've done this.

  4. Screw one large eye screw onto the end of each fence post. Sink the posts into the four holes you've created with the eye screw end up. Pack the dirt you removed when digging the holes around each post. Pour 10 pounds of gravel into each hole post and pack it down tight to secure the posts. You should have a decent amount of gravel above ground.

  5. Hammer a grommet into each of the four corners of your awning canvas, following the directions on the grommet kit packaging.

  6. Cut the nylon rope into four two foot pieces using your box cutter. Thread one piece of rope through each corner with a grommet.

  7. Climb the ladder and lift a corner of the canvas onto the top of one of the poles. Thread the rope through the eye screw and secure with a double square knot. Wrap excess rope around the post (under the awning) and knot to further secure the canvas. Repeat this step with each of the corners and posts.

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