How to Clean a Gym Floor

It is vital for gym floors to be clean, especially when they are regularly used for sports such as basketball and volleyball.

Not only does a clean gym floor reduce the risk of falls, slips and injuries, but it makes for a pristine appearance, which is essential when games are being recorded or put on live television. Cleaning a gym floor requires special equipment and cleaning agents. .

Remove scuff and shoes marks from the gym floor with a tennis ball attached to a broom or mop handle, or a cleaning agent formulated to remove scuff marks. Ensure it is appropriate for use on gym flooring and is not abrasive.

Sweep the gym floor with a wide broom or a microfiber dust mop.

Mop the gym floor using a cleaning solution of one part white distilled vinegar to two parts warm water--this is more gentle on the finishes of gym floors than cleaners that contain detergents. Microfiber and cotton mops work well for cleaning gym floors.

Clean the floor thoroughly, if it is especially dirty, using an auto-scrubber with a non-abrasive pad. Some gym floors need to be cleaned with an auto-scrubber only a few times per year, while others should be cleaned this way weekly.

Screen, or refinish, the gym floor at least once per year to prevent it from getting slippery. This can be done by a professional cleaning service, or you can do it yourself--it will be a time consuming process, so ensure you have the time and personnel to devote to this task.

Things You Will Need

  • Tennis ball Broom or mop handle Wide broom or dust mop White distilled vinegar Microfiber or cotton mop Auto-scrubber

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