How to Remove a Kick Panel

The kick panels in your vehicle are located just forward of the doors and below the dashboard. These panels, typically made of plastic, are designed to take a lot of abuse from passengers, which is where they get the name "kick panel." These panels often hide wiring and other essential components. To get at those parts, you have to take off the kick panel. This is not very difficult to do, although the specifics vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Step 1

Open the door. Look at the kick panel and try to determine if the panel goes underneath the rocker plate that runs on the inside door jam of the car. If it does, remove the rocker plate by removing the screws that hold it in place or by lifting it up to release the clips.

Step 2

Look for a screw holding the kick panel in place, or possibly a plastic nut. Remove the screw with a flathead screwdriver or the nut by hand.

Step 3

Pull on the kick panel to release any clips holding it in place. Then pull the kick panel out of the car.

About the Author

Russell Wood is a writer and photographer who attended Arizona State University. He has been building custom cars and trucks since 1994, including several cover vehicles. In 2000 Wood started a career as a writer, and since then he has dedicated his business to writing and photographing cars and trucks, as well as helping people learn more about how vehicles work.