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How to Remove the Top of a Kenmore Washing Machine Model 110

James Clark

The Kenmore 110 is a line of washing machines made by Whirlpool for sale at Sears stores. The various control knobs on the front panel are connected to the top of the washer, which must be removed in some circumstances to make repairs to the appliance, such as removing the clothes drum to replace an agitator. Care must be taken to avoid damaging the wiring harness for the control panel when removing the top.

  1. Disconnect the appliance's power cord from the electrical socket. Pull the Kenmore 110 away from the wall as far as possible without straining the water hoses behind the appliance.

  2. Extract the screw from each side of the control panel where it connects to the sides of the Kenmore cabinet.

  3. Pry up the front edge of the Kenmore top from the front panel of the appliance by inserting a putty knife or the flat blade of a knife into the gap in the left and right corners.

  4. Pull the retainer clip in the upper left and right corners under the washer top near the front of the appliance, using pliers. Raise the top up and backward toward the wall.

  5. Grab the wiring harness by the plug at the back of the Kenmore top where it connects to the circuit board in the appliance. Pull straight up to release the plug and the wiring harness.

  6. Pull forward on the washer top to disengage the two locking tabs at the back, then lift off the top and set aside. Be careful that the washer door doesn't swing open while you move the top. You can now access the washer interior and tub through the top of the appliance.