How to Measure Basement Windows

The windows in your basement serve an important function. Most of the time, basements don't have a lot of natural light coming in, and your basement windows allow natural light to enter an otherwise dark area. Since you might not go into your basement as often as other areas of your house, you might not notice that your basement windows have seen better days. Part of the process of replacing your basement windows is measuring them.

Measuring your windows takes just a little time and effort.
  1. Place your tape measure on the inside of the window frame on the left side.

  2. Measure across to the inside of the window frame on the right side to get the width measurement. You're basically measuring the part of the window that opens.

  3. Place your tape measure on the bottom of the window ledge.

  4. Measure up to the top of the inside of the window frame to get the height measurement.

  5. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 on each window in your basement because the measurement might be slightly different on each.

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