How to Get Lipstick Stain Out of My Pants

Lipstick is an oil-based type of makeup that also contains dye.

Lipstick stains are messy but can be successfully removed.Lipstick stains are messy but can be successfully removed.
When lipstick stains get on your pants, you want to tend to both aspects of the stain. The key to successfully removing lipstick stains from pants or any other garment is to lift the stain from your pants, rather then trying to rub and scrub. Tend to a lipstick stain on your pants as soon as you notice it for the easiest stain-removal process.

Sprinkle talcum powder onto the site of the lipstick stain on your pants. Use enough to thoroughly cover the lipstick stain. Allow the talc to sit on your pants for 20 minutes to absorb the oil from the lipstick stain.

Brush the talcum powder off the lipstick stain on your pants. Dampen a clean sponge with ammonia and dab at the lipstick stain, starting at the exterior of the stain and moving in toward the center. Rinse your sponge with cool water, reapply ammonia, and continue to dab until the stain lifts substantially.

Pour prewash laundry stain remover on what's left of the lipstick stain on your pants. Use enough to cover the stain and then rub the prewash into the stain with your finger tips. Leave the prewash on the pants for 10 minutes so it can loosen and lift the remnants of the lipstick stain.

A bucket is the perfect place to hand-wash your pants.

Fill a bucket with warm water and add 2 tsp. of clear hand dish-washing detergent. Hand wash your pants in the soapy solution, taking extra care to rub the soapy solution into the site of the lipstick stain on your pants. Dish-washing detergent is known to cut grease and will work on any last traces of oil left from the lipstick stain.

Rinse your pants under cool water, ensuring you remove all the soap. Squeeze out the excess liquid and allow your pants to hang dry outside, if possible. Avoid placing your pants in the dryer until you're certain the lipstick stain has been completely removed.

Things You Will Need

  • Talcum powder Ammonia Sponge Prewash laundry stain remover Bucket 2 tsp. clear liquid hand dish-washing liquid


  • When you're away from home and discover a lipstick stain on your clothing, dab at it with an alcohol-based wet wipe. The alcohol in the wipe will help remove the stain.


  • Never try to remove a pigment stain with hot water as the heat from the water will set the stain.

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