How to Keep House Windows From Sticking

Many a careless painter has painted windows completely shut or just enough around the edges to cause them to stick. You may end up dealing with a window that remains stuck or sticks when you are trying to open it. With just a few simple tools, you can release stuck windows and prepare them for easier opening next time.

Unsticking a painted window is simple with a few tools.
  1. Wedge a chisel between the sash and the frame and gently and slowly chip away at any paint. Check the outside of the window for accumulated paint and do the same.

  2. Pry the bottom of the sash with a chisel and a hammer from the outside if the window is stuck shut. Place the hatchet under the sash and hammer with the mallet. Continue prying. Try placing a 2x4 block on the frame and hit it with a hammer; the block protects the window. This process should pry the stuck window open.

  3. Rub the tracks of the window with wax, soap or silicone or apply a spray lubricant, once the window is open.

  4. Repeat the process of prying the sash open with the upper sash. Once open, rub the tracks on the upper sash with wax, soap or silicone or apply a spray lubricant.

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