How to Register Whirlpool Products

Whirlpool encourages its consumers to register their products with the company for three reasons. When a safety issue arises, the company can alert you about recalls and repairs/fixes entitled on your product. Also, if you initiate contact with Whirlpool for help with a broken appliance, the company already has a record; you can then receive expedited service. Lastly, product registration with the company creates a credible record that you bought the appliance in the occurrence of theft, flood or fire; information provided in registration is helpful for filing insurance claims.

Whirlpool manufactures major home appliances, such as gas ranges.

Step 1

Open your Internet browser and bring up Whirlpool's "Product Registration" webpage. 

Step 2

Type the following data in "Personal Information": first and last name, address, city, state, zip code, telephone number and email address.  Be sure to input your email address twice for confirmation that you typed it correctly.

Step 3

Click the radio button next to "Yes" or "No" to answer the following marketing question: "Are you interested in receiving future email communications on new products, promotions and other appliance news from Whirlpool Corporation". 

Step 4

Click on the down arrow for "Product Type" in the "Product Information" section to see the menu.  Select the type of appliance you are registering (air conditioner, refrigerator, etc).

Step 5

In the "Price" section, type the dollar amount you paid for your appliance. 

Step 6

Type your product's identification numbers in the "Model Number" and "Serial Number" sections. 

Step 7

Type in the date that you purchased the product in the "Purchase Date" section.  Ensure you use the following date format: "MM/DD/YYYY" or "01/01/2010".

Step 8

Click the down arrow next to "Purchase Location," then select the store you purchased the product from. 

Step 9

Click a check mark next to all the appliances that apply for the following question: "Are you planning on purchasing any major appliances in the next few months? If so, please indicate which ones". 

Step 10

Click the "Register" button.  Wait for the webpage to advance to a page that displays all the Whirlpool brands, indicating your information was transmitted to the company.

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