How To Make Your Own Outdoor Swings

Building a swing set will create an outdoor space for your child to play. Parents enjoy having a swing set on their property because it creates a safe space for their children to play while parents are outdoors doing their gardening or lawn work. Some parents even prefer having a swing set on their own property because it allows the children to play outdoors without having to go to a park.

Wood Swing set with Circular Group Seat
  1. Assemble the frame. Select two 8-foot four-by-fours, and place them in a 60-degree angle so the end corners touch slightly. Attach a steel trapezoid shaped bracket to both four-by-fours to bond the two 8-foot sections at this angle. Flip the structure, and repeat on the opposite side. Repeat this process for the two remaining 8-foot sections.
  2. Attach the 4-foot two-by-fours to the frame. These should be placed one on each outer end of the triangle side structures. Install these so the top outer corners line up with the outer edge. Nail into each side four-by-four with three 3-inch nails.
  3. Attach the eye bolts to the 10-foot section of four-by-four. Measure 18 inches from the end of the four-by-four, and attach an eye bolt to the four-by-four. Measure 16 inches from that eye bolt and install another eye bolt in this location. Repeat this 18 inch then 16 inch measuring and placing process until all six eye bolts are installed to the 10-foot four-by-four.
  4. Build the frame. With the help of two friends, raise the 10-foot section up into place so the eye bolts are facing down. The ends of the 10-foot section should line up with the frame ends. Place one steel bracket on each side of the 10-foot four-by-four and nail them into the side structures. Repeat on both ends to create a strong bond to hold the swing together.
  5. Set the swing in place. Dig four 6-inch deep holes to place the swing legs in. Set the four legs into the holes, and fill with cement.
  6. Create the swings. Select the three 18-inch wood sections and measure the center from each side. Measure in 1 inch from each end, and place an eye bolt in this location on each end of all three 18-inch two-by-six sections.
  7. Assemble the swing chains. Select all six 4-foot chain sections, and attach an S-hook to one end of each. Attach these ends to the eye bolt on each swing, and tighten with pliers. Attach the remaining six S-hooks to the eye bolts on the swing frame, and tighten the hook around the eye bolts with the pliers.
  8. Connect the swings to the frame. String the S-hooks through the chain, adjusting the height as needed (this will vary according to the children using the swing set). Do not tighten top S-hooks, so that they can be adjusted in the future.

Things You Will Need

  • Four 8-foot four-by-fours
  • One 10-foot four-by-four
  • Two 4-foot two-by-fours
  • Three 18-inch two-by-sixes
  • Four steel trapezoid shaped brackets
  • Four steel braces
  • Box of 3-inch nails
  • Bolts
  • Twelve S-hooks
  • Six 4-foot chains
  • Twelve eye bolts
  • Shovel
  • Cement
  • Drill
  • Handsaw
  • Pliers
  • Hammer


  • Consider installing a tire swing in place of one of the 18-inch boards.


  • Allow cement to dry before using.

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