How to Install Peel & Seal Roofing

Peel & Seal is a rolled roofing material backed with an adhesive. The installation of this roofing is easy and straightforward because the method of securing it to the roof is built into the sheets. Another advantage is that you fully customize the dimensions of your Peel & Seal roofing sheets by adjusting them yourself. You will need to ensure your roof is in good condition to receive the roofing and that you can access it safely.

Step 1

Seal your roof with a roofing primer if it is made of a porous material like wood or masonry. Let the primer dry thoroughly.

Step 2

Tape over any gaps or seams on your roof using duct tape. This will provide a more waterproof surface to install the roofing on.

Step 3

Cut the peal and seal sheets to fit your roof. Use a utility knife to get the closest to the edges of your roof as possible.

Step 4

Peel off the adhesive backing of the lowest sheet of roofing and lay it in its place on the roof.

Step 5

Press the roofing down against the roof to seal it. Run your hand all along the sheet to remove any air bubbles caught underneath.

Step 6

Peel and press the next consecutive sheet of roofing so the seams of the sheets meet.

Step 7

Close any gaps in the seams with exterior caulk. You only need caulk in the places where the seams of the roofing do not meet perfectly.


  • Do not install Peel & Seal roofing over a rotted or water-damaged roof.
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