How to Make Canopy Weights

Canopies and canopy weights are often used in markets by vendors to shield themselves from unpredictable weather. Safety precautions must be observed in making canopy weights. Canopies must have a minimum weight of 40 lbs. per tent leg. Using gallons, water jugs and bricks as weights are not advisable as these are too light to hold against vicious weather. Completely secure your canopy as soon as you set it up. A half-secured canopy is as dangerous as an unsecured canopy.

Step 1

Drill a hole in one of the caps and allow the bolt end of the hook to go through. This will serve as the upper end of your canopy weight.

Step 2

Apply adhesive on the bottom end cap and attach to the bottom end of the pvc tube. Allow to dry for 3 hours.

Step 3

Fill the pipe with sand up to the desired weight. The advisable weight is around 40 to 50 lbs.

Step 4

Place the end cap with the hook and seal with pvc adhesive. Let dry for 3 hours.

Step 5

Repeat for the remaining pieces of pvd tube, end caps and bolt hooks.

Step 6

Attach tie-downs with hooks on both ends to the bolt hooks of the pvc tubes. This will allow you to adjust the height of your weights and will keep the weight tension tight.


  • Check that your method of securing your canopy to the ground does not create an additional hazard.

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