The Best Way to Build a Platform Bed

A platform bed is a very luxurious, modern style that provides excellent support for the back. Platform beds can cost several hundred dollars to purchase, which might not fit every budget. You must create a frame that is large enough to hold your mattress - a twin mattress is 39 by 75 inches, for example - but the project can be easily tailored for any sized mattress. By creating your own platform bed frame, you can save hundreds of dollars and sleep on the bed the same day you tackle the project.

You can make a comfortable, inexpensive platform bed.
  1. Build the twin bed base. Select two 65-inch 2x6s and two 28-inch 2x6s. Set the two 65-inch sections side by side with one 28-inch section inside each end. Firmly press the end of the 65-inch sections to each 28-inch section's outer edge, and nail the two pieces together, placing a nail every 2 inches along the height of the 2x6. Repeat this at each corner to create a rectangular base structure.

  2. Create the frame. Lay the two 77-inch 2x6 sections vertically with one 40-inch 2x6 along the inner edge of each end. Secure these pieces at each corner by applying three nails spaced 2 inches apart along the width.

  3. Attach the end platform slats. Select two 40-inch 2x6 boards and attach them to the head and foot of the frame. Lay the platform frame flat and lay one 40-inch section flat on the ground, along the inner edge of each end. Place a nail every 2 inches along each outer side, and every 4 inches along the base end. Attach the opposite end in the same manner.

  4. Attach the remaining slats. Measure the space between the two 2x6 inner end slats. Divide this area by five to determine how far apart each slat will be placed. Space these slats along the bottom of the frame, and nail them in place with two nails at each end.

  5. Attach the frame to the base. Place the platform frame on top of the base, creating a 6-inch overhang on each side. Once the frame is lined, attach the frame to the base by applying two nails at each location along the base where the 2x4 boards cross the 2x6 base.

  6. Finish the platform bed. Lay the plywood inside of the frame. Place the mattress inside of the frame.

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