How to Remove Wallpaper From Bathroom Walls

Removing wallpaper from bathroom walls is the same process as removing wallpaper from any other room. The main difference is that if the bathroom has a shower or tub, the moisture may have caused problems over the years and created mold. Thus, it's important to prepare the wallpaper to loosen it from the wall.

Wallpaper in a bathroom can be moldy, complicating the removal process.
  1. Score the walls with the scoring tool in large, round, spiral motions.

  2. Wipe the wall with a saturated sponge of warm, soapy water, starting at the top. Let it soak in for two or three minutes. Get it wet and don’t worry about water dripping down and all over, since you are in a bathroom.

  3. Pull a piece of wallpaper that is peeling up from the wall, either where you scored it or at an edge. Attempt to get the whole piece away from the wall without it tearing into smaller pieces. Use your putty knife to help scrape the wallpaper off by pushing it from underneath.

  4. Soak the wall again, starting at the section that you are working on, and let it set for another two or three minutes. Preferably, you will move in the general direction of top to bottom so that the lower paper will have more time to soak.

  5. Peel carefully and soak the walls with warm, soapy water until you have removed all the wallpaper. Wrap up in garbage bags or the painter’s plastic and remove from your home.


  • If mold covers more than 10 square feet, the EPA suggests you call a professional to remove it. Otherwise, remove it completely, and keep your bathroom dry by installing an exhaust fan and avoiding wallpaper in the future.
  • Liquid paper remover is also available in place of warm, soapy water, but it is not a good idea to use it in small rooms like bathrooms without a proper mask.