How to Dispose of Credit Card Receipts

Credit card receipts may have your name and the entire credit card number on them, or just your name and the last four digits of the number. Either way, but especially when the former is the case, you should dispose of these properly so your information doesn’t fall into criminal hands. Throwing receipts directly in a garbage can, without doing anything else, is insufficient for guarding these important numbers.

Help prevent identity theft by disposing of credit card receipts properly.
  1. Use a box specifically for these receipts and other paperwork that needs to be securely disposed of. Once you no longer need to hang onto the receipts--for example, when you’ve checked the receipts against your monthly statement--you can start the disposal process.

  2. Plug in your paper shredder. There are different kinds of shredders. The ones that shred paper into confetti are the best for preventing identity theft, according to Identity Theft Fixes. Any shredder, however, is better than none at all. If you don’t own a shredder yet, use scissors to cut up the areas with the card numbers--although this takes a long time.

  3. Place the shredded receipts in a garbage bag with other household garbage. If you used scissors or a shredder that simply cuts lengthwise and you want extra protection, put the paper in with old food scraps (which will rot and deter criminals from making that extra effort to retrieve the paper) or used cat litter.


  • Turn off and unplug shredders when you are not using them. These products contain moving parts that could cause serious injury to a pet or child.
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