Instructions for the Wagner Paint Sprayer

Spray paint systems come in a variety of types to paint large surfaces such as a fence, garage door or an attached deck on your home. If you own or borrowed a Wagner power painter, instruction may be needed if the unit has been discontinued or the manual is missing. First choose what type of surface you want to paint.

  1. Determine how you want to apply the paint to the surface. Paint can be applied in a horizontal or a vertical motion. Adjust the spray tip of the power paint sprayer side-to-side or up and down to orient the spray tip.

  2. Turn the housing for the pump counterclockwise to remove the paint reservoir. Take the reservoir or container off and set it aside.

  3. Pull out the suction tube from the pump housing intake opening and then pour the paint that you want into the reservoir.

  4. Turn the sprayer unit over and apply a small amount of lubricating oil to the intake and the opening for the return.

  5. Return the suction tube into the intake opening and then align the reservoir with the pump housing. Turn the pump housing clockwise to attach the reservoir.

  6. Plug the power cord for the paint sprayer into an electrical outlet. Pull the trigger on the sprayer and then move your arm in the direction you want to paint. Move from left to right to paint horizontally or up and down to paint vertically.

  7. Attach a garden hose to the paint sprayer and flush the paint from the system. You will first need to remove the reservoir and pour any left over paint back into the paint can.

  8. Remove the sprayer tip and the pump housing assembly. Place the quick flush lid on the housing and then connect the housing to the reservoir. Attach a garden hose to the quick flush lid and place the reservoir into a bucket.

  9. Turn on the garden hose and let the water run slowly for at least 30 seconds. Turn off the water and then remove the quick flush lid from the reservoir. Properly dispose of the paint solution in the reservoir.


  • If you do not properly tighten the spray tip, leaks can occur or the tip can get damaged.
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