How to Paint Your Concrete Foundation

There is an easy way to make that boring grey foundation stand out and be an eye catcher instead of an eyesore. This is a super easy project. If I can do you it so can you.

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  1. Start by making sure the dirt is pulled away from the foundation using the shovel to push it back a few inches This is so you can paint without a bunch of dirt getting on your roller. Make sure weeds are pulled as well.

  2. If the concrete is very dirty or has moss growing on it this will need to be washed off. Spraying with the nozel set on the jet setting will get rid of most of the dirt. If there is still more that you cannot get off then use a wire brush or a broom will work too. You must let this completely dry before painting. Make sure to pick nice weather for this painting project

  3. Once the foundation is dry you can now paint. Start by painting the grooves first with the brush. If there are no grooves then begin rolling the paint. The first coat will absorb a lot more paint so if you want you can use a primer for concrete for the first coat. Once dry apply the second coat and let dry. Use the brush to paint the edges and the top and bottom. Make sure to push the dirt back in place that you moved. So now it is done and you can be happy that you never have to look at grey concrete again.

  4. Tip

    Choose a darker color because it doesn't look as dirty Most concrete paints are oil based so they dry very fast and do not clean up with water use mineral spirits to clean brush and roller Good weather and on a calm day