How to Treat Subterranean Termites

Termites are mostly killed through one of two methods. The bait system is more environmentally friendly since it uses far fewer chemicals and only hurts certain insects. The pesticide is usually a growth regulator that causes the termites to grow in a way that makes them incapable of reproducing and sometimes even kills them. This bait spreads throughout the hive, since the termites groom each other and will spread the growth regulators among the hive. Older termite treatments involve toxic chemicals that effectively kill termites but are toxic for the environment and can stay in the soil for a long time.


Termites cause extensive damage to wood materials.

Step 1

Purchase a plastic stake bait system designed for termites. These bait systems are designed to lure termites to the bait so that it can be confirmed that there are termites under the house. Inside the bait traps are wooden stakes. Surrounding these wooden stakes are holes that the termites can enter through.

Step 2

Put the plastic stakes in the ground at various points around the home. If there is a termite colony, the termites will come to the bait and chew on it.

Step 3

Check the bait stakes periodically to see if any termites have entered.

Step 4

Replace the bait stakes with special stakes that contain pesticides designed to kill the subterranean termites.

Step 5

Change the bait stakes every week until they are no longer consumed by the termites.


Step 1

Purchase a termite insecticide containing fipronil.

Step 2

Locate cracks where termites can potentially enter the home.

Step 3

Pump the liquid termite killer into the soil near these areas.

Step 4

Recheck for signs of termite damage to see if you’ve sealed all of the termite entry points.


  • Termite infestations are best left to professionals.
  • The bait method of termite killing takes so long that significant damage can be done while the bait is working.
  • Do not try natural remedies if you already have a termite infestation. Natural remedies will only prevent termite infestations.

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