How to Get Rid of Little Kitchen Ants

You don't have to live on top of an ant mound for ants to raid your home or kitchen. If your house is built on the ground, ants can easily find a way into your home during warm and rainy seasons. The ants get inside of your kitchen through small crevices and cracks in your home. Using pesticides to kill the ants can be harmful to pets and small children. Therefore. instead of using a pesticide you can fight kitchen ants with products you already have in your kitchen.

Get rid of little kitchen ants.
  1. Get rid of or put away anything the ants may be attracted to. For example: open snacks/candy, open food containers, liquid spills, bread crumbs, bags of sugar and dead insects.

  2. Locate the entry point where the ants are gaining access into your kitchen. Sprinkle instant grits along the entry point. As the ants eat the grits, it will kill them off. This is because the grits absorb all of the moisture from the ants' bodies.

  3. Sprinkle pepper along the trail of the ants and around each entry point. You can use black pepper or cayenne pepper. You can also use chili powder.

  4. Spray vinegar (white or apple) along the entry point and onto the ants. The smell of the vinegar will drive the ants away. Other "smelly" items that will drive the ants away and keep them away are citrus oil or citrus extract, talcum powder and cinnamon.

  5. Place table salt along the entry point and along the path of the ants.

  6. Place strips of duct tape along the entry point. The duct tape should be turned "sticky side up." This will deter the ants from crossing over the entry point. If they try to cross over, the duck tape will trap them.

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