How to Kill Bedbugs Using Bombs

Bedbugs are a growing problem in hotels, apartments and even private homes.

Bed bugs often hide in the mattress, blankets and sheets of a bed.Bed bugs often hide in the mattress, blankets and sheets of a bed.
Many people assume that bedbugs, like most bugs, infest areas that are filthy, but bedbugs are attracted to skin cells and blood rather than dirt. It is possible for clean homes to have bedbugs. Bedbug bites are itchy and painful, and can trigger an allergic reaction and sickness in some individuals, so getting rid of the bugs should be a top priority. Bug bombs alone are not enough to kill bedbugs because the chemicals may only help for a short while or might not penetrate the areas where bedbugs are hiding, such as inside a mattress.

Remove all bedding, clothing and clutter from the room or rooms with bedbug infestations.

Vacuum the room, including the mattress and pillows. Pay particular attention to edges and any tiny holes in the mattress where bedbugs might hide.

Using a steam cleaner, fill the room with steam; bedbugs quickly succumb to hot temperatures.

Place any cloth materials, such as bedding and clothes, in the washer. Wash with the hottest possible water to kill any bugs in the material. Dry the cloth materials in the dryer, on high heat.

Spray the room with a regular bug spray, making sure to get the edges and corners, but do not spray the mattress and linens directly. Bug spray can kill bedbugs in their nesting areas and also creates a chemical barrier against the bugs.

Release a bug bomb and leave the house. Bug bombs require a minimum of six hours before humans and animals can safely return. If you can stay away longer, do so. When you return, immediately open windows and doors to air out the house and stay outside until the smell is bearable.

Things You Will Need

  • Vacuum
  • Steam cleaner
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Bug spray
  • Bug bomb


  • If you are not sure if you've killed all the bugs, hire an exterminator to check.
  • Bug bombs are often ineffective in apartments and hotels because the bugs travel from one unit to another. These buildings should have professional extermination throughout the entire structure.


  • Apply bug sprays and use bug bombs according to the directions. Make sure every human and animal in the house leaves for at least the length of time stated in the directions.

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