How to Build a Convertible Crib

Welcoming a baby into a couple's life is one of the happiest moments they may ever experience. From breastfeeding to car seats to nursery design, the landscape of a baby is often new terrain for these couples. Many couples purchase convertible cribs for their new additions as they easily transfer from infant crib to toddler day bed to full-size bed for older children. While convenient, convertible cribs must be assembled. With the proper instructions, assembling a convertible crib can be relatively painless.

How to build a convertible crib

Building a convertible crib can be an easy endeavor with the proper instructions.
  1. Research convertible cribs for safety and quality assurance and purchase the convertible crib that is right for you and your family.

  2. Open the box of the convertible crib and locate the instructions. Be sure to have your toolbox at the ready. Remove the crib parts and arrange in separate piles according to each of the instruction's numbered steps.

  3. Read the instructions thoroughly before you begin assembly to familiarize yourself with the building process. Once complete, begin with the first step and get help from another person.

  4. Follow all instructions and you will produce a long-lasting convertible crib. For problems or questions during the assembly process, call the customer service line located on the crib's instructions for live help.

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