How to Register a NuWave Oven Online

Registering your NuWave oven can help with customer service. If you need to contact customer service, a representative can assist you more efficiently by accessing your registration information. You can also receive special offers that are available only by registering. It is a good idea to register your new NuWave oven as soon as you receive it. Registering online is convenient and takes only a few minutes.

Registering your NuWave oven makes it easier to place orders for parts and accessories.
  1. Go to the NuWave Oven website (see Resources).

  2. Hover over "Products" in the top menu and click on "Register Product."

  3. Fill in your personal details. You need to enter your name, address and phone number.

  4. Fill in your product details. Select your model number and enter your serial number and details about the purchase.

  5. Scroll down and answer the customer survey questions. You are not required to answer them. If you wish to skip the questions, scroll to the bottom of the page.

  6. Enter additional comments. If you want to give a testimonial or a review of the product, enter it in the "Additional Comments" box. Click "Register."

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