How to Erect a Willow Screen Fence

Brant McLaughlin

A willow screen fence can improve the look of your garden or yard. Lightweight but durable and long-lasting, willow screen fences can be used to cover over eyesores such as rusty chainlink fences, to which they can be easily attached. Willow screen fences attach to any other fences or stakes, give more beauty to your landscape, and can help you make your yard and home more private. They are not overly expensive but will last you for a long time. Erecting a willow screen fence is actually pretty easy.

Instructions for Erecting Willow Screen Fence

Willow screen fences add beauty that endures to your garden or yard.
  1. Purchase willow screen fencing. Ensure that you buy enough to cover the full length of the area where you desire to erect it.

  2. Walk along the chainlink fence or other support structure that you will be attaching the willow screen fencing to and with your tape measure mark off one-foot intervals of horizontal spacing with your grease pencil. If you are using only stakes, place a stake in the ground at each one-foot interval and use a mallet to drive each one in securely.

  3. Unroll the willow fencing as you walk along the chainlink fence, row of stakes or other support structure. Secure the willow fencing with gardener's waxed string at the one-foot intervals to the support structure by threading the string through the spaces in between the willow fencing. Tie at least one higher-up point and one lower point of your new fence to the support structure at each interval.