How to Move Furniture From Florida to New Jersey

Depending on your precise location in Florida and your destination in New Jersey, a move between the two states is approximately 1,100 miles one way. Such a big move is more complex that having co-workers help you move from one apartment to another. How you move your furniture between the two states really depends on how much money you can spend on your move. As with most things, doing it yourself is the least expensive way to get your furniture from Florida to New Jersey.

You can move your furniture on your own or pay someone else to do it.

Step 1

Get a quote from a moving company by using the UShip website (see Resources). You will need to give your move date, where you are moving to, where you are moving from and how many rooms your home or apartment is so that the movers will know how big of a truck is needed. Choose one of the moving companies from the quotes if you want to use movers to get your furniture to New Jersey.

Step 2

Rent a moving truck or trailer to move the furniture on your own. Get quotes before committing to a company for a one-way move from Florida to New Jersey.

Step 3

Place an ad online or in a newspaper classified section to look for amateur movers that can help you move the furniture to New Jersey. Sometimes there are people looking for a way to get from one state to another who will gladly drive your furniture to New Jersey for you because it gives them a means of transportation.

Step 4

Ship any small pieces of furniture that are not fragile. Do not ship pieces that you think may get broken in transit. Larger items can be shipped, but this is not the most cost effective method of transport. The smaller pieces can be boxed up and sent via FedEx or UPS. Large pieces will need to be crated and shipped via a freight shipping company.

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