How to Tent Your House for Termites

When you notice you have wood damage to your home, fumigation may be your only option for getting rid of termites. Termites eat away at wood throughout the home, weakening the foundation and frame. Termites can make your home unsafe for occupancy. While the actual tenting is left to the professionals, there are a few ways you can prepare your house for tenting and fumigation before the exterminators arrive.

Wood houses are a favorite target of termites.
  1. Request that the fumigation company comes out to the home to get proper cubic foot measurements for tent size.

  2. Remove items from the home according to fumigation experts. For example, Best Care Fumigation states medications, all foods and anything living be removed from the home, including pets and plants. The odorless gas does not harm lotions, makeup or shampoos so they may stay in the house. Mattresses that have a vinyl covering, such as hospital or baby beds, must be unzipped.

  3. Cover furniture with sheets to protect the surface. Water all outdoor plants near the tenting, since the tenting is often on for two days and you won't be able to water.

  4. Allow the fumigation company to set up the tents around the home, which takes approximately two hours depending on the size of your home. Additionally, it will take two hours to remove the tents at the end of the fumigation process.