How do I Adjust the Vertical Axle on Revolving Lazy Susan Cupboards?

Adjusting the vertical axis in a Lazy Susan can be accomplished quickly using simple tools. The vertical pole holds the Lazy Susan trays in position. The trays pivot on the vertical axis. Designed so that it can be shortened or lengthened depending on the interior cabinet height, the vertical axis requires a simple adjustment. The screw located on the pole allows the adjustment of the vertical axis of the Lazy Susan.

A Phillips screwdriver is the only tool needed to adjust a Lazy Susan's vertical axis.
  1. Open the door of the Lazy Susan cabinet.

  2. Locate the adjusting screw on the vertical axis pole.

  3. Loosen the screw using a Phillips screwdriver. The screw does not need to be completely removed. Pull or push the vertical axis to the desired length.

  4. Tighten the adjustment screw using the screwdriver. Adjustment is complete.

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