How to Hang an Adjustable J Hook

A J-hook is a special hook used to hang heavy framed items such as large mirrors or pieces of art. This type of hook is adjustable: Adjusting the hex nut on the threaded bolt that holds the two pieces together will move the bottom half up or down. The opening on the top of the hook allows you to make adjustments when the hook is in use.

J-hooks allow you to make small height adjustments to framed items.
  1. Use a D-ring hanger or strap hanger in conjunction with a J-hook, as Govart.com recommends. Position the hanger so that it and the J-hook will be far enough inside the edge of the frame to be hidden.

  2. Use a stud finder to find a stud. Hold the unit up to the wall. It will notify you when it has located a stud.

  3. Grab a partner. One person should hold the item to be hung in the desired place while the other makes a pencil mark on the wall to note the location of the hangers.

  4. Match the J-hook with the pencil mark and attach the hook by hammering one small nail into each hole.

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