How to Attach a Mailbox to a Porch Railing

Mailbox fashions are popular today.

Mailboxes mount easily to railings.Mailboxes mount easily to railings.
Homeowners choose between decorative copper, wood and figural mailboxes to enhance the appearance of their porch railings. It is easy to attach a wood or metal mailbox to a porch railing with small "L" brackets and a card of two-part JB welding glue. When mailboxes are mounted in this manner, they are easy to remove as exterior fashions change.

Place your mailbox in the desired location on the porch railing. Pencil a line onto the railing at the front and back of your mailbox. Put the mailbox aside.

Position the "L" brackets along the sides of your porch railing in a way that will support the bottom of the mailbox on the top of each bracket. Mark the "L" bracket screw-hole locations with a pencil. Set the brackets aside.

Screw each "L" bracket into the sides of your porch railing while using the screw-hole marks as a guide.

Mix the two-part JB welding glue according to package directions. Dab the welding glue on top of the "L" brackets. Place mailbox on top of the "L" bracket supports.

Open the door to the mailbox. Fill the mailbox interior with bricks or other heavy items to help the glue to set in a very firm manner.

Remove the bricks or heavy objects from the mailbox after 24 hours.

Remove the mailbox from the porch railing by unscrewing the "L" brackets when it is time to install a new mailbox.

Things You Will Need

  • Wood or metal mailbox
  • Four "L" brackets in size: 1-inch, 1-hole
  • Four 1-inch wood screws to fit "L" bracket holes
  • JB two-part welding glue
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver


  • Round railings: Glue "L" brackets onto the bottom of the mailbox first. Use the "L" bracket holes to wire the mailbox into place.
  • Use a JB brand of welding glue to withstand temperature variations.


  • Do not bump the mailbox while it is drying into place.