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How to Attach a Mailbox to a Porch Railing

Nat Howard

Adding a mailbox to a porch railing is both decorative and functional. A covered porch protects mail from the elements and it can enhance porch decor. You can attach a mailbox to a porch railing using L brackets.

How to Attach a Mailbox to a Porch Railing

Forget the mail slot in the front door or the post box at the end of the driveway. There’s a functional, fun and absolutely on-trend way to incorporate your mailbox as part of your front porch décor and still receive all your "snail mail": Attach your mailbox to your porch railing.

Attaching your mailbox to a porch railing is a practical as well as decorative choice. Think of it: No more tripping over mail slid in the front door mail slot and no more trudging out in the rain to the end of the driveway for soggy letters. A covered porch offers protection from the elements, with the convenience of the mail being as close to the front door as possible. On the creative side, it allows you the option of decorating your mailbox according to the seasons. Flowers for spring or a wreath that matches the porch lights for Christmas can tie-in the rest of your front porch décor.

Take Your Pick: Choose Your Mailbox

Choosing a mailbox that matches your design and home style is the first step. Home improvement stores and online specialty shops will carry mailboxes made of copper, other metals and wood. Your mailbox must meet USPS standards. Most mailboxes sold in stores will meet the size requirements. If you are buying from a craft store or custom site, be sure to check to see if it meets all size regulations.

If you live in a neighborhood with a Home Owner’s Association, check and make sure there is nothing in your neighborhood guidelines that prohibits an on-porch box.

Attaching Your Mailbox

The USPA has one rule for attaching the mailbox to the porch: "If you are attaching the box to your house, make sure the postal carrier can reach it easily from your sidewalk, steps or porch." The mail carrier must be able to access and clearly see where your mailbox is placed. Make sure your box is not hidden behind posts or garden landscaping.

To attach your mailbox to the railing, you’ll need four 1-inch, 1-hole "L" brackets, four 1-inch wood screws to fit the "L" bracket holes and welding glue to hold the box in place.

    Pencil Mailbox Location

  1. Place your mailbox in the desired location on the porch railing. Pencil a line onto the railing at the front and back of your mailbox. Set the mailbox aside.

  2. Align "L" Brackets

  3. Position the "L" brackets along the sides of your porch railing in a way that will support the bottom of the mailbox on the top of each bracket. Mark the "L" bracket screw-hole locations with a pencil. Set the brackets aside.

  4. Screw "L" Brackets

  5. Screw each "L" bracket into the sides of your porch railing while using the screw-hole marks as a guide.

  6. Glue Brackets

  7. Some welding glue brands will need to be mixed. Open the glue container and mix according to package directions. Dab the welding glue on top of the "L" brackets.

  8. Set the Mailbox in Place

  9. Place the mailbox on top of the "L" bracket supports. Make sure the box is aligned with the brackets.

  10. Weigh Down Mailbox 24 Hours Until Glue Sets

  11. Open the door to the mailbox. Fill the mailbox interior with bricks or other heavy items to help the glue to set firmly. Remove the bricks or heavy objects from the mailbox after 24 hours.

  12. Your new mailbox is ready to use! If you need to change or replace the mailbox in the future, simply remove the mailbox from the porch railing by unscrewing the "L" brackets.