How do I Repair a Baby Lock Sewing Machine?

Baby Lock originated in Japan in 1964 when several engineers, working for an industrial company, decided that they would create a smaller, and less heavy serger. This was the very first machine they called "Baby Lock". Since then, Baby Lock has created sergers, sewing machines and many other products, with the love of sewing in mind. Their products are made especially for people who sew at home. With this considered, there will be times that your sewing machine, as with all other home appliances, will not function properly. Trying to repair your sewing machine yourself can save you time and money.

Sewing machines can be used for many craft projects.
  1. Check for any obvious problems such as the sewing machine being unplugged or there may be a jam with the thread. Often, the problem can be as simple as the thread not being installed correctly. While you are looking around the machine, pinpoint your exact problem. Determine whether the problem may be something you could fix on your own.

  2. Check your user manual that came with your Baby Lock sewing machine. Navigate to the problem solving or trouble shooting section of the manual and perform the suggested tasks related to your issue. Sometimes, if a sewing machine is in need of a tune up or is in need of repair, it may have safety features to shut the machine down to protect it from future damage. If you do not have the original user manual, see resources below to obtain a copy online.

  3. Search the internet for solutions to your problems. Check to see if any other user has had this issue and what their solution was. Good sites to use are forums and Q&A sites. There are many forums used specifically for sewing issues. See below for forum information.

  4. Navigate to the Baby Lock website to check whether there is a recall on your product or if they are offering free service. You can also report problems and find information on how to contact customer service.

  5. Contact Baby Lock to report the issue you have with your Baby Lock sewing machine. They will give you options to have this repaired. If your printer is still under warranty, they will offer to fix the problem for free. If it is not, they can help to direct you to where you can have your sewing machine serviced, if they do not service the product themselves.