How do I Cut Ikea Countertops?

Steven White

Ikea is a wholesale furniture store that provides solid furniture at low prices. One of the options Ikea provides is countertops. Countertops can be purchased in three different sizes and then brought home and cut to fit your exact needs. This can be a great project for beginning wood workers and it takes on average two to three hours to complete.

Wooden countertops can be cut into desired sises with a table saw.

Step 1

Put on your safety equipment including a mask, gloves and safety glasses.

Step 2

Place the countertop on a woodworking bench and clamp it into place with wood clamps.

Step 3

Measure the exact amount of wood needed for the countertop with a tape measure and mark a sketch onto the Ikea countertop with a carpenter's pencil.

Step 4

Cut the wood with a table saw, following the sketch as you go. Go slow to ensure an accurate cut.

Step 5

Finish off the cut edges with a power rotating sander. Begin with a 90 grit paper and sand the entire surface, removing any jagged edges. Sand again with the 120 and then with the 220 to remove all scratches. Be careful to not ruin the finish on the top of the countertop.

Step 6

Apply laminate edge banding around the entire exposed edge with an iron. Simply unfold and press into position. The heat will activate the glue on the banding so that it adheres to the countertop edges.