How to Recycle a Dry Cell Battery

A dry cell battery is a sealed battery that is spill-proof and does not emit carbon dioxide or hydrogen gasses. The most common types of dry cell batteries are regular, non-rechargeable AAA, AA, C, D and 9 volt batteries. It is currently legal to dispose of dry cell batteries in the regular garbage in every state, aside from California. California passed a series of laws called the California Universal Waste Rules, that requires these batteries to be recycled.


Dry cell batteries are common household disposal batteries.

Place the batteries in a sealed plastic bag until they can be properly disposed.

Call 1-800-CLEAN-UP. Give the customer service representative your address. They will identify the recycling centers closest to you.

Take the batteries to the recycling center. Remove them from the plastic bag.

Outside of California (United States only)

Search the internet for dry cell battery recycling programs. If you are unable to find any, see the sites in the resource section of this article.

Contact the recycling phone number via their toll free phone number. Give the customer service representative your name and address. They will mail you a shipping box.

Place your dry cell batteries in the shipping box. Depending on the company, you may have to pay the shipping cost, or the shipping cost may be pre-paid. Mail the package.

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