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How do I Remove Mold From a Shelf?

Jack Burton

Mold, if left uncontrolled in a home, can cause serious health problems. Fortunately, a small surface area such as a shelf can be cleaned with common household products. It is very important that the person wear protective gear to avoid getting the mold into the lungs, or having the cleaning liquid splash into the eyes.

Tracking down the source of the moisture is equally important. Otherwise the mold will continue to grow back.

Bleach is an effective mold remover.
  1. Remove any opportunity for moisture to continue affecting the shelf.

  2. Mix the bleach, the water and the detergent together.

  3. Put on the protective gear and old clothes, open the windows and turn on the fan.

  4. Discard in a sealed bag any material on the shelf that may be moldy.

  5. Scrub the surface of the shelf lightly. You do not want to knock the mold off onto another surface or into the air. Moisten the shelf with the mixture and keep it wet for at least 15 minutes.

  6. Let it dry, and scrub again to ensure the mold is completely gone. This may take several times to accomplish.

  7. Seal a wooden shelf using a commercial sealant.

  8. Discard all the cleaning materials in a sealed bag.

  9. Wash the clothing with hot water, and take a hot shower.