How to Choose a Three Hole Faucet

Many three-hole faucets (also known as mini-spread or widespread faucets) will fit your three-hole sink, but it's still important to choose correctly.

Choose the right three-hole faucet.Choose the right three-hole faucet.
Selecting the wrong faucet can complicate simple tasks like washing or rinsing dishes. Additionally, it might create the wrong "feel" in your kitchen, causing you to waste time uninstalling it and returning it to your retailer.

Match your faucet's spout to your bathroom or your kitchen. Choose 6-inch or 8-inch spouts for bathrooms, 12-inch to 14-inch curved spouts for your kitchen.

Measure the space between the sink's pipe holes, and match them to either a mini-spread or a wide-spread faucet. Mini-spread faucets, which work best in bathrooms, have a 4-inch space between the spout and the cold and hot water handles. Wide-spread faucets work best in kitchens and have an 8-inch space between the spout and the handles.

Match your bathroom trim and appliances to one of three primary styles: modern, Victorian or country. Modern faucets can have a sleek squarish or round style, they often feature shiny chrome or burnished metal with a minimalist or plain appearance. Victorian sinks have an 8-inch to 10-inch stainless steel sloping neck, with ornate knobs and spouts. Country sinks often mimic a rustic, water-well style or have thick round features, and they can have a brass or burnished metal construction.

Match the height of the spout to your sink's basin and to your washing needs by maintaining a 1:3 ratio between spout height and basin width, where the spout's length equals one-third of the basin's width. For instance, a 6-inch spout will match an 18-inch wide basin while a 10-inch or 12-inch spout fits best in a 30-inch or 36-inch basin.

Compare the turning radius of the faucet's water handles, and look for a quarter-turn or half-turn radius. A quarter-turn handle allows one-fourth of a revolution when turning the water from off to full-flow, while a half-turn radius allows half a rotation. Quarter-turn faucets fit a small kitchen or bathroom while a half-turn radius works better in a kitchen sink.

Compare prices. Three-hole bathroom sinks cost $59 to $299, while three-hole kitchen sinks cost $89 to $699 (as of 2010).

Compare warranties. Expect a five-year warranty on low quality sinks and a 10-year or lifetime warranty on faucets from companies such as Moen, Fisher, Keidel or Kohler.


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