How to Clean Glass Sinks

A glass sink requires the same delicate care as a glass vase or bowl -- no harsh cleaners or abrasives, or you may scratch the glass. Clean a glass sink with a mild dish soap and water for general cleaning or white vinegar to remove water spots.

Glass Sink Cleaning

Vinegar removes water spots and greasy residue on a glass sink.

Rinse out a glass sink after each use to keep it looking its best. If the sink shows water spots easily, pat it dry with a soft towel after rinsing. To clean the sink, wet a sponge and apply a squirt of dish soap to it, wiping down the sink with the sponge. Turn the handle to run a narrow stream of water in the sink, continually rinsing the sponge and using the sponge to wipe away any remaining soap residue. Pat the sink dry with a soft towel to help prevent water spots. Squirt vinegar in the sink or pour some onto a sponge, wiping down the sink with vinegar to remove water spots or mineral deposits. If it is a vessel sink, water or vinegar and water may be used on the outside of the bowl as well.

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