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How Do I Clean the Array of the Ionic Detox Machine?

Mel Frank

The Ionic Detox Foot Bath is a foot spa claimed to remove toxins from the body with a 15-minute soaking of the feet. The product manufacturer claims that this hydrotherapy detox method will clear the body of toxins by creating ions generated by the ionization of water molecules. The array is the motor of the machine, which creates the ionization needed for this process.

Drain and Rinse

Unplug the array, drain the foot bath and rinse all the parts of the array and the basin. Both parts should be rinsed thoroughly after each use, before any bacteria or fungus has the opportunity to dry and set into the array.


Use a mild cleaning agent such as liquid dish soap. Mix the cleaning solution in the sink, adding a gallon of water to two squirts of liquid dish soap. Use a brush to get into the cracks and crevices of the array, breaking up any buildup that could potentially grow a bacteria or fungus. Rinse again and let it air dry. If you notice any buildup growing inside of the crevices of the array, use an old toothbrush or other similar utensil to clean inside of the cracks and crevices.


Disinfecting should also be done after every few uses to kill any bacteria or growth that is not easily washed away with a mild cleaning agent. Purchase a household disinfectant from your local grocery store, or use white vinegar, which is an all-natural disinfectant that is most likely already on hand in the home. Add a gallon of water to the basin, then add one cup of distilled white vinegar. Turn the array on, and let it run its course as you would during a normal foot soaking. When the process is finished, unplug the array and rinse both the array and basin with clear water, then let air dry.