How to Repair a Bug Screen on an Andersen Storm Door

Hans Andersen started Andersen Windows and Doors company in 1903. The first storm doors where made of wood, but today's Andersen storm doors are aluminum or fiberglass. When your Andersen storm door's bug screen becomes damaged, there's no need to replace the whole door, just repair it. With Andersen's patented Quick Change removable screens and glass panels, it's easy to remove the screen to repair it.

Keep critters out by repairing the screen on your Andersen storm door.
  1. Remove the insect screen panel from your Andersen storm door. Press the button above the handle on the interior side of the door. Turn the door handle up to pop out the screen. Remove the insect screen and lay flat.

  2. Remove spline. Use a screwdriver and pliers to remove the vinyl strip that settles into the groves around the edge of the frame known as the spline. Old splines can be reused if still flexible.

  3. Lay new screening on top of the frame slightly overlapping the groves and outer edge of the frame. Cut corners away to reduce interference caused by the excess screening.

  4. Press the spline and screening into the groves with a spline roller. As you proceed around the frame, keep the screening tight. With a utility knife cut excess screening away from the frame.

  5. Pop the repaired screen back into your Andersen door. Snap the screen into place. Push the interior side handle down to lock in place.


  • Keep screen tight to prevent puckering.

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